Lads, chaps and gentlemen-folk it’s time to discover the treasure trove that is Dubai. Boasting the eighth wonder of the word and a host of activities, you can indulge your every sense in the city within seven days.

Drive around the City and beyond…
Rent a car and drive round the City and beyond. The Capital City (Abu Dhabi) is just an hour away and you can stop by any other Emirate and spend a night before driving back to Dubai. A perfect trip especially if you are here with your better half!
We recommend the Ritz Carlton Abu Dhabi Grand Canal and The Le Meridien Al Aqah Beach Resort in Fujeirah

Time for Brunch
If you’ve brought the kids along then it’s off to Lattitude at Jumeirah Beach Hotel for a lunch buffet that will take you to all the corners of the world.
If you miss your spicy punch already, go down to Kiza– The first African Fusion restaurant in Dubai and you will not feel very far from home!

Kite Surfing
Mark Andrew’s Kite school can turn newbie kite surfers into pros by the time your seven days in Dubai is over. Ride your board over the waves then flip and soar to your heart’s content. Nothing is too big for this city, which means nothing is beyond your dream’s reach.

Art, Tradition and Tea
You’ve probably worked off your huge brunch on the surf and are feeling hunger bongo drumming on your stomach. Culture and cuisine meet in the middle at the esteemed Arabian Tea House in the Bastakiya Quarter. Filled with art and surrounded by the ancient heritage, a trip to Dubai isn’t complete without a visit.

Big Boys Play With Big Toys
Work hard and play hard has been your mantra up until now and there’s no need to stop. Big boys play with big toys and Dubai promises to be the finest play-pen. Players Car Rental will transform you and your holiday by slipping you behind the wheel of a Mclaren or Lamborghini with their trademark butterfly doors.


Ever since you saw James Bond do it when you were a kid you knew it was something you had to try at least once. And then the insurance lot started to whisper about how dangerous jumping out of a plane would be. Forget about parachuting the old fashioned way when you have an indoor simulator that lets you feel the rush without taking any of the risks.

Sneak one last thrill into your holiday before your plane heads back to normal-town. Sand boarding is all the rage in the deserts of Dubai and we know you daredevils out there will catch the bug as soon as you try it. Click your heels onto a board to make sure you end your holiday on the high you deserve.

Jazz Music & Massages

Slow the pace down at the Jazz Lounge Spa. Have your feet washed, sip on cleansing teas while retro classics and tracks from jazz greats play in the spa designed for the modern gentleman.

Seven days worth of thrill seeking, muscle melting and feasts to make your gut grin is sure to send you home with a smile on your face. With excitement always around the corner mind, we know you’ll be booking flights out again for round two, three, four and five.

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