Welcome to May 2015! and in keeping with our promise to provide insights into African and Caribbean countries, this month,we spotlight diverse Cape Verde.
An arrow-shaped archipelago located 500 kilometers west of Senegal, Cape Verde is slightly larger than the Rhode Island in the United States. It consists of 9 islands divided by Barlavento in the north and by Sotavento in the south. Each Island has its own unique features, but Sal seems to be the most popular with tourists.

This country is small but is the African region’s most westernized one.
● It has earned its good reputation in terms of economic and political stability in the recent years.
● Its full name is “Republic of Cabo Verde.”
● Total population, based on UN finding in 2012, is 505,000.
● Its capital city is Praia, total land area is 4,033 square kilometers and a major part of the population is Christian.
● Life expectancy is 78 years old for women and 71 years old for men.
● Its monetary unit or currency is Cape Verdean Escudo.
● The country’s main products are fish, shoes, clothes, hides, bananas and the volcanic rock, pozzolana.

Cape Verde has seen an economic growth of six percent in the last years, and part of its progress, it was able to facilitate the construction of several roads and international airports. In addition, tourism is rising,so much so that the National Geographic added Cape Verde as one of 21 ‘Must see travel destinations’ for 2014.

Music of Cape Verde:
Music of Cape Verde has been influenced by many experiences, making its roots complex and interesting and thus has earned it a very distinct style. Cape Verdan music incoporates the Samba and Bossa Nova from Brazil, The Caribbean Zouk and the drums of Africa. Many of the people are also familiar with the saudade, something closely related with the Pado of Portugal, which is a mainstay in many of the music and literature of the region.
Cape Verdeans naturally love music and that they have five radio stations going on air non-stop, despite a population of only about 400,000.
Click here to listen or download some music from Cape Verde.

Where to Stay
There are so many popular choices, but the new Meliá Dunas Beach Resort & Spa in the Island of Sal is the biggest resort and has fabulous reviews online.
The summer holidays are almost here and a visit to Cape Verde is sure to thrill!

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