H2O, better known by its common name “water” is so essential to healthy hair.

As the temperatures start to soar, it is imperative to keep yourself hydrated or you can quickly feel the effects.

The same goes for your hair. Dry brittle hair is more likely to break and can make hair length goals impossible to reach.


Now as black women, we seem to have an inherent fear of water when it comes to our hair and go to great lengths to keep it dry.

This is understandable as a little bit of humidity will have those sleek edges puffing up faster than you can say ‘Eco Styler gel’ and lets not even talk about shrinkage

But moisture is our friend!

Even if you keep your hair tied in the shower a few spritz of water can help to revitalize your hair. No product I have ever tried gives new life to a week old twist out like government juice does!

I can hear you all screaming the water in Dubai is poison! Desalinated water can cause dryness and breakage but usually there are more factors.

If you cant bear to use tap water use bottled of filtered water in a spray bottle to keep your locks hydrated.

Spray bottles are really cheap and can be found in most supermarkets and even grocery stores. Always buy a clear bottle and change the water daily.

This is no magic trick and only works as part of a healthy hair and diet so make sure you drink enough too.


For more tips and hair info check out www.ebuniajiduah.com

Ebuni is a stylist from London now based in the UAE (Dubai). We welcome her as our first contributor on Dubai Treasures !She has worked in European and Afro Caribbean Salons, London Fashion Week and was one of the contestants in a Competition for hairstylists featured on the BBC. Ebuni loves to style all types of hair and she can be contacted on her blog for some awesome hair tips and styles…

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