What To Do In Dubai

When You’ve Got A 48 Hours For Culture, Cuisine and Couture


2015 is winding down to an end and many of us are looking to fit that last vacation in before knuckling down to the realities of a new year. If you’ve already booked a trip ‘home’ for the holiday season, why not slot in a short stop over in Dubai? With a 48 hour layover you can squeeze a wonderful amount of rest and rejuvenation before carrying on to Nigeria, Ghana, South Africa or wherever it is your loved ones live on the beautiful continent.

From art and culture to fine couture and delicious dishes, Dubai boasts plenty for you to do in a day or two.

The Masjlis Gallery

Walking along the corridors of The Masjlis Gallery, Dubai’s oldest fine art gallery will remind you of the things you used to do get your creative juices cascading. Whether you pick up your paint brushes, sign up for a pottery class or simply make the decision to check out more galleries, you won’t be disappointed with your visit.

Cheap Eats & Shopping In The Satwa District

Before you head back to gruelling away at the office toiling away to feed the village that is your household, make sure you take a visit to the Satwa District. A melting pot known for blending the cultures of the capital, you’ll see a bit of everything here. Many testify to it being the home of Dubai’s best cuisine. When food is made by the locals for the locals, authenticity is an expectation every stomach gets to enjoy.

The cheap eats and fabulously priced shopping, not to mention the masses of kiosks eager to repair any of your damaged electronics, glasses or other goods will have you pencilling in a second visit before you head out of town.

Handmade Suit In An Hour

You’ve no doubt heard of the amazing tailors in Dubai. Creating form flattering suits and stunning shirts for the most discerning gentleman, you can’t leave Dubai without having one or a few made for you. Knot Standard located at 530B Saaha, Souk al Bahar tailor exquisite fabrics used in Saville Row and imported from Italy for a perfect fit.

If their impressive history in tailoring for the urban gentleman who commands respect doesn’t impress, you then the lack of waiting time will. In less than an hour, they’ll have you measured up for your bespoke, handmade suit. Using just your webcam, they can make alterations and tweaks so you enjoy the best finish possible.

You’re not like everyone else, so don’t dress like them. Knot Standard will perfectly stitch a shirt or suit for you delivering it to wherever you happen to be in the world within a few short weeks.

Dubai’s Stunning Sunsets

Dubai’s sunsets are breath taking so make sure your camera’s charged and at the ready for canvas-worthy pictures. Once the sand has lost its mid day sizzle you’ll have the perfect way to end your day. You’ve eaten well, taken in some cultural seasonings now you can relax, basking in the beauty of your tomorrows.

How can you make your career that much more rewarding, improve the work-life balance, spend more time with the family?

With the sand beneath your toes and the sea hushing the warm evening in, your mind will be wonderfully clear; great for answering the life affirming questions, creating awe-inspiring possibilities for the New Year.


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