In the U.A.E, the wide range of products carried by most supermarket chains have drastically reduced the need for country specific specialty stores.

Read on for our top stores for Caribbean produce in Dubai.


  1. Gungo Peas/ Pigeon Peas

Pidgeon Peas are a staple in Caribbean cooking and can be found in Choithram Stores. They also have online shopping and so will home deliver wherever needed. Choithram Stores are found all over Dubai and the stores are clean and well laid out.


  1. Salt Fish

One can get the traditional Emirati salt cured fish known as Maleh or Malleh, try-, Lulu supermarkets will sometimes have stock of salted cod also.


  1. Scotch Bonnet Chillies

These spicy addition to Caribbean cooking can be found in many African shops as it’s also commonly used in African cooking. Find them  fresh at Carrefour Supermarkets, or dried and frozen at the African foods section at the Fish/waterfront markets in Dubai or Sharjah or online at:


  1. Sauces/Seasoning

Spinneys supermarket chain has a good selection of spices including Jerk Seasoning. Staff are normally quite helpful and knowledgeable about what is available instore. Find your nearest Spinneys at:


  1. Beans

Carrefour and Lulu Stores always have a good selection of both fresh and dry beans produce and these can generally be found in most of the smaller retail stores also.


  1. Plantains

Plantains look and smell like bananas, but they should be eaten cooked and not raw like bananas. In Caribbean cuisine they are normally fried or baked. You can find plantains in Lulu Supermarket, at the Waterfront Fish and Vegetable market at Deira, and also a number of smaller neighborhood stores like the Blue Mart stores and others.

It is also possible to order online through Amazon, and through their sister company in the, products can be delivered straight to you here in no time. Shop for some recommended Caribbean brands here.

 If you do prefer to eat out or order in, then browse our directory and pick a Caribbean restaurant on here to satisfy your island food cravings!

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