The UAE is not just about the Gold Souk; It’s a soul train, let’s go and explore it, or as we say here ‘Yalla!” (Lets go!).

Dubai is renowned for luxury tourist attractions and with its impressive architecture, it is home to some of the world’s most famous buildings. Dubai also offers distinctive experiences to every culture and taste.

Africarib Dubai(formerly dubaitreasures) was created to capture the unique needs of the African and Caribbean populace both living in, and visiting Dubai. It welcomes people from all backgrounds and geographical locations, to take part in a culturally rich experience.

Dubai is also one of the few cities in the world to undergo a supersonic transformation within a short period. As a popular tourist spot, it offers a comprehensive selection of experiences from restaurants, luxurious hotels, unique shopping experiences, fetes, shows and some of the most amazing African and Caribbean restaurants; all of which you can get more information on with AfriCarib Dubai.

AfriCarib Dubai offers more than the typical ‘Tourist list’. Whether you are looking for an exquisite place to stay and rejuvenate or the perfect lounge experience, want to explore one of the cities hidden treasures or even searching for the right schooling options, everything you need to know is right here.

Our hub is a community where you can read about personal experiences, ask questions, learn about people of African heritage who have excelled in the UAE, and explore the rich history of Dubai. We’re a portal for businesses to connect with one another, as well as a link to planned events in a country that has so much to give.

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