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Trendsetting fashion show!

This is the show that opens the year! Get set to witness some amazing Afro-Asian fusion styling on the 3rd of March at the PRESTIGE Fashion Show....
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Caribbean food shopping in Dubai

In the U.A.E, the wide range of products carried by most supermarket chains have drastically reduced the need for country specific specialty stores. Read on for our top stores for Caribbean produce in Dubai.   Gungo Peas/ Pigeon Peas Pidgeon Peas are a staple in...

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Yes! to Sustainably Farmed Palm Oil

There’s finally a way to say yes to Palm oil, enjoying all the benefits with a smile in your heart. Without guilt tainting your enjoyment of the preservative and dye-free, not to mention delicious oil; it’s time to let go and fully indulge. If lowering your...

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Moving Africa Forward

Moving Africa Forward;Investment Networking Meeting-A business networking event which is an  initiative of the African Investment Network Team is set to be held on the 31st of October 2017. One of the main aims of the organisation is to be a channel through which the...

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It's that time of the year again when the leading international fashion show platform in the region opens it's doors to trendsetters in the Industry. Apart from showcasing established brands, RUNWAY DUBAI also promotes and consults for aspiring brands who want to...

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The first in a long line!

It's time to celebrate another first as Nigerian born Chuka Ekweogwu debuts in a film directed by U.A.E based Tarik Alkazim. A Tale of Shadows opens in the U.A.E on the 17th of August, in Novo, Vox and Star Cinemas, and this Mystery-Thriller movie is sure to keep you...

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Sewing and Craft course for teenagers.

The basic 2 week course starting from 2nd of July includes useful techniques like decorative, simple and mending stitches and they also get to learn how to make fitted shirts, hand bags and a 21 page portfolio. The most organised student will also get a chance to...

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Art Fusion Night…

As the temperature drops, get back your Dubai groove with spectacular presentations from the 3rd edition of Art Fusion Life. tacking place at media City Don't miss the unique and creative uchenna afam aka Zippy mann, sure to be star attraction As the temperature...

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The U.A.E is 45!

As our host country celebrates It's 45th year anniversary, here is a video to get us thinking... https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=UUSSP1EplFXCQaCkwAbDTxUQ

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