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Trendsetting fashion show!

This is the show that opens the year! Get set to witness some amazing Afro-Asian fusion styling on the 3rd of March at the PRESTIGE Fashion Show. Prestige house is one of the leading bespoke designers for Afro-Asian inspired clothing in the U.A.E.   Here are 5...

Caribbean food shopping in Dubai

In the U.A.E, the wide range of products carried by most supermarket chains have drastically reduced the need for country specific specialty stores. Read on for our top stores for Caribbean produce in Dubai.   Gungo Peas/ Pigeon Peas Pidgeon Peas are a staple in...

Yes! to Sustainably Farmed Palm Oil

There’s finally a way to say yes to Palm oil, enjoying all the benefits with a smile in your heart. Without guilt tainting your enjoyment of the preservative and dye-free, not to mention delicious oil; it’s time to let go and fully indulge. If lowering your...

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